Pot Set UHT Milk Yoghurt

This recipe makes an Ultra Convenient "UHT", pot set yoghurt using using our Mild or Tangy yoghurt cultures.

You will need the following items

  • A yoghurt maker large enough to hold one litre of milk.
  • An esky to put the jar in or a blanket and a warm spot if you do not have a yoghurt maker.

Your Ingredients

Note: The amount of culture used for one litre is VERY SMALL.


Add the milk powder to your milk, and bring your mixture to 40° C. Add your starter culture and mix well to ensure the culture is evenly distributed.

The use of powdered milk is optional, and assists in achieving a thicker yoghurt.

We have found that two or three drops of calcium chloride will help produce yoghurt that is just a little thicker, this step is optional.

Pour your milk into the yoghurt maker, or jar you have selected. Maintain the milk mixture between 37° and 43° C for 8-12 hours, or even longer.