Hard Cheese Kits

When it comes to cheesemaking there are two major categories, soft curd cheeses and hard curd cheeses; A soft curd is one that can not be cut, very much like yoghurt. A hard curd is one that forms a firm curd that can be cut, very much like old Grandma's fashioned custard.

Hard curd cheeses have lower moisture levels and undergo a more extended aging process. As a result, they develop a firmer, drier texture and often a more pronounced flavour. The formation of a hard curd early in the cheesemaking process and the subsequent cutting, working, and pressing of the curd, removing the whey during the cheese-making process contribute to the development of a harder dry cheese that can age and mature. These cheeses include Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Cotswold, and Gouda.

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