Eyeshadow Recipe

Themed Eyeshadow

Ditch the countless tiny plastic containers filled with fake blood, face paint and pigments this Halloween and make your own vibrant eyeshadows in bulk.

How to make your own eyeshadow in 2 Steps:

  1. Mix a 50/50 ratio of mica or activated charcoal to Sericite Mica (Carnauba Wax Treated).
  2. Store in a small container and there you have it!

Base Ingredient For All Themes:

Recommended Additional Ingredients For Each Theme:

After Midnight; (See the bundle)

  • Kohl Mica
  • Dark Chestnut Mica
  • Dark Brown Mica 
  • Bronze Mica
  • Silver White Mica
After Midnight.


Born To Stand Out; (See the bundle)

Wow! I can see Abba, Stevie Nicks and even Elton John wearing these wild colours of the 80's. Fantastic for the bright at heart and those gorgeous glam rock fashion nights.

  • Peacock Blue Mica
  • Fruit Green Mica
  • Lemon Yellow Mica 
  • Orange Sorbet Mica 
  • Magic Violet Mica 
Born To Stand Out.


The Festive Collection; (See the bundle)

  • Black Gold Gold Mica
  • Silver White Mica
  • Starlight Mica
  • Mauve Mica
  • Bronze Mica
The Festive Collection.


Halloween; (See the bundle)

More than just Halloween, this collection is ideal for many a ghoulish and ghostly night out. You will be the Zombie of the party !!

  • Starlight Green Mica
  • Silver White Mica
  • Orange Sorbet Mica
  • Activated Charcoal
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