Testing for Acidity

Foods with different acidities require different procedures when preserving. Therefore, it is important to know the acidity of your food before you process it. Testing the acidity of your recipe is simple and can be done in your kitchen with PH testing strips sold on our site.

Testing for Acidity with PH Strips

Testing the acidity of your preserves is easy.

7 is neutral, and less than 7 is increasingly acidic, with 4.6 being the accepted cut off for safe preserving, so less than 4.6 is considered "high acid" for home preserving purposes.

Simply cut a small piece of the test strip, and touch to some of your preserves, prior to bottling. In this case, the pH up around 6.5 and this would be dangerous to preserve without a pressure canner or the addition of lemon juice or another acid.



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