Two Jar Storage & Dosing of Culture

The two-jar storage and dosing method will help you get the most out of your culture.

While the culture must be stored in the freezer, please allow the culture to come to room temperature before opening and handling. The culture readily absorbs moisture from the air, so you should keep the culture closed as much as possible to minimise contact with the air.

  • Place all of the culture in one of the two sterile jars we supply, this becomes the main storage jar.
  • Estimate 1/10th of the contents and place into the second jar. This becomes your working supply.
  • Label both jars and store them in the freezer. Your working supply being approximately 1/10th of the original supply of culture will inoculate 10 litres of milk or yoghurt. Use 1/10th of your working supply for a one-litre batch.

Estimation is acceptable - too much can’t hurt and too little will just slow the process.

We have also covered this in one of our How-To Videos


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