Two Jar Culture Storage & Dosing

Two Jar Culture Storage & Dosing

Yoghurt Culture is very concentrated and only requires a small amount to inoculate a litre of your preferred milk. We use the Two Jar Storage method to guide you on how much, or more to the point how little culture is used to make one litre of yoghurt.

This storage method also reduces the chance of contaminating all of your cultures or allowing damp or humid air to contact all of your cultures, making them start clumping together and becoming hard to divide. 


  • Place all of the culture in one of the two sterile jars we supply, this becomes the main storage jar.
  • Estimate 1/10th of the contents and place into the second jar. This becomes your working supply.
  • Label both jars and store in the freezer. Your working supply being approximately 1/10th of the original supply of culture will inoculate 10 litres of milk or yoghurt. Use 1/10th of your working supply for a one-litre batch.

Estimation is acceptable - too much can’t hurt and too little will just slow the process.

See a dosing guidance label on the back of the sachet for the use of Mini Measuring Spoons

Dosing advice label on sachet.


We have also covered this in one of our How-To Videos


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