Body Butter Kits

Enjoy using a Body Butter you know is all-natural, because you made it.

Make your own soothing body butter.

  • Have you ever wanted to make your own, nourishing body butters, lotions, scrubs and balms?
  • Do you love body products from spas and cosmetic shops but are shocked by the price?
  • Do you ever wonder what is in mass-produced body products and cosmetics but are confused or unimpressed by the dozens of numbers, letters and chemicals in them?
  • Do you have allergies or sensitive skin and don’t want to use cosmetics with artificial colours, scents and preservatives?

With our all-natural Body Butter Kits you can craft your own nourishing body butters with as little as four 100% natural ingredients. These kits are made with the purest of ingredients, chosen for their beneficial properties. You can make your own whipped body butter in your kitchen. It’s fun, quick and easy!

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