Sustainable Green Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Here at Green Living Australia we are making every effort to make our packaging as sustainable and green as possible. We are working with several packaging manufacturers to replace as much plastic packaging as possible with 'green' options. Your help with this would be invaluable. If you have heard of or are aware of any packaging products we could use as an alternative to our current plastic packaging, please let us know.

Bubble Wrap

We are now using a 'green' biodegradable bubble wrap caled Oxo-B Eco Bubble.

This is supplied from a local manufacturer Polycell, and uses 'Reverte' in the resin mix which ensures that once Oxo-B Eco Bubble's useful life is over and has been discarded into a rubbish tip or landfill it will degrade (crack) and finally breakdown into smaller pieces with the aid of UV light, oxygen & or heat. Once this has occurred, the smaller pieces are subjected to ingestion by microorganisms within the rubbish heap or landfill and will finally biodegrade i to C02& H20 plus biomass.

Cardboard Packaging

Check out our cardboard recycling machine. Used cardboard that would usually be thrown in the recycling skip is run through this machine to produce a great protective packaging material that is fully biodegradable, after all it is just cardboard.

sustainable cardboard recycling machine

This is a great solution, cardboard is fed into the machine one side and this great protective packaging material comes out the other side.

Plastic Bags

The packaging industry are working hard to come up with solutions to the growing public demand to eliminate plastic bags from use. We have been looking at several emerging options but we have several parameters to consider in any replacement for plastic bags:

  • Product visibility
  • Packaging strength
  • Moisture barrier
  • Ability to handle storage in a freezer