Our yoghurt maker is just brilliant. 

It will make yoghurt batches from 1 to 2 litres and maintains the correct temperature very accurately, even over extended fermentation times.


Extended Fermentation

Extended Fermentation

Ideal for extended fermentation times required by non-dairy yoghurts, such as coconut yoghurt.

12 Month Warranty*

12 Month Warranty

Guaranteed against manufacturer's defects. If it breaks, we will replace it for 12 months from the purchase date.

Saves Money

Saves Money

Making your own yoghurt at home saves you money. Pay just a few cents per batch for the culture plus the cost of your milk (or alternative).

How It Works:

Electric yoghurt makers simply keep your milk at the right temperature for fermentation to occur naturally. You just add your dairy or non-dairy milk (or coconut cream) to the inner container and add your culture. Switch it on and then wait the required amount of time per the instructions included with your culture. When it's finished, pop the container in the fridge and chill before enjoying with your favourite dish.

Easy To Use:

  • Simply fill with your milk, whatever kind you are using, add the culture and turn on.
  • Leave for 10 to 12 hours (or longer), and you will have the most delicious yoghurt.
  • Put the inner container directly into the refrigerator after fermentation.
  • No need to transfer the yoghurt into another storage container.


  • Easy to use: just fill with your ingredients, plug it in and wait for your beautiful yoghurt to ferment.
  • Works with cows milk, goats milk, soy milk and even coconut cream.
  • Suitable for extended fermentation times of 24 hours or more.
  • Maintains the temperature very accurately between 39 and 43° C.


  • The yoghurt maker stands 265 mm high, with a diameter of 190 mm.
  • Comes with a high quality BPA free food grade 2 litre fermentation pot.
  • Yoghurt makers should run between 37 to 43° C and should not creep up in temperature, even over extended fermentation times. See how to test your current machine here. Please note that yoghurt makers are designed to maintain heat and not to heat your milk up to fermentation temperature.
  • Please Note: Your dairy milk will need heat treating to 90° C, as per our instructions on this page, to help break down or unravel some of the dairy proteins and help make a thicker yoghurt. Long Life, or UHT milk has already been heat treated so just needs warming to around 40° C before being put into the yoghurt maker and adding the culture.
  • * 12 Month warranty, see our Returns Policy for full information.



Height: 265mm

Diameter: 190mm

SKU 1433
Barcode # 820103427586
Brand GLA
Shipping Weight 1.2500kg

Fantastic yoghurt maker

By: on 18 October 2021
After failing to get our yoghurt to set with a thermo pot we bought the yoghurt maker and the next morning perfect yoghurt.

Love it

By: on 10 October 2021
This is the second one I have bought the first one still works perfectly I just use it for so much I needed more

Yoghurt Maker

By: on 8 August 2021
A great product. Easy to use and results in excellent yoghurt.

Get one! It works

By: on 22 July 2021
I had no idea making yogurt would be so easy. Two days ago, I was a non-yogurt maker. Today, I am a successful and happy yogurt maker. And eater. I'm a whole food plant based (WFPB) eater, recently converted from long term vegetarian when too much dairy stopped me pooing. I know -- TMI. But hey. Anyway, I wasn't wild about the non-dairy yogurts in the supermarkets, and the health food shop ones cost too much. So.... a friend put me onto this one (thanks Jenny!). I put in my order online, and next thing I know, they contacted me to make sure I knew what I'd ordered, which didn't quite make sense to them. They were right -- I had ordered the wrong thing! The right thing turned out to be a bit cheaper, and they immediately organised a refund. WTF? Who does that??? Well, good companies do. Decent people do. Apparently, Green Living Australia is a good company with decent people. The yogurt maker plus the correct culture for my requirements arrived a few days later -- maybe two days? Three at most. It had a note on the outside to let me know I needed to get the culture in the freezer ASAP. Which I did. Then the box sat on my table for a few days looking like something that might be too hard and that I would feel stupid for stuffing up. Eventually, about a week later, when my friend Debby had asked me for the second time how the yogurt was turning out, I extracted the digit, read the instructions, and, you know, followed them. Here's what to do (once you've got the machine out of the box, and washed the food-touching bits in warm soapy water).::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 1. Plug in the machine. The amber light comes on. It's always amber -- it just means the machine is on. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 2. Pour a litre of milk (I'm doing soy) into the inner pot thing. It actually takes up to two litres (a litre is metric for just over a quart) but one seems a sensible quantity to start with.)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 3. Add about 3 teaspoons of sugar (gasp! -- it's ok. The yogurt-making bugs eat the sugar)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 4. Add an infinitesimal squidgeon of culture -- like less than the amount of red stuff on the head of a match. Remember matches? No? Ok, about as much as a grain of rice then. If that. Short grain. Half a grain. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 5. Stir the ingredients a bit. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 6. Put the lid on the pot, and the plastic dome thingy on top of that. Dunno if it does anything but it looks very 1970s sci fi.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 7. Go to bed. Leave the pot alone. Get on with life. It takes some time. I gave it 12 hours. It's not too fussy about the time.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 8. Open the pot. You've got yogurt. It tastes amazing! It's proper.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 9. Take photos of your home made yogurt and send them to anyone who cares.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STEP 10. Make stuff with yogurt in it. I made (a) mango and (b) raspberry yogurt icy poles (that's popsicles for USers, ice lollies for UKers). They rock. I'd put up my photos if you could do that here. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: That's it. I'm very happy. I like the company. I like the product. I feel confident that I will be treated nicely when I need to buy some more culture, 99 litres down the track from here. That's going to be about 2 years for me. This seems like a very, very good deal. So, my opinion for people who want a nice easy way to make their own yogurt, whether dairy or non-dairy: Get one! It works

Effective Unit

By: on 17 February 2021
Have been really delighted with the electric yoghurt maker from Green Living. I have been able to use my glass jars in the unit without any hassle which I also prefer than the plastic container provided

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