Calcium Chloride Solution for Cheese Making, Yoghurt Making, Tofu Making & Fermenting Vegetables

Strength: This is a 30% calcium chloride solution


The addition of a few drops per litre of milk can help strengthen the curd, making a thicker yoghurt. If making yoghurt a 50 ml bottle is enough for over 300 kilos of yoghurt, and has a convenient dropper cap.

Cheese Making:

The addition of Calcium Chloride generally improves the rennet coagulation properties of your milk and this is particularly true when using pasteurised milk that has been stored in a refrigerator.

Pasteurising and then cold storing milk impairs the milk’s rennet coagulation properties, reduces the recovery of protein and fat, and reduces cheese yield. There is a scientific explanation that we will not go into here; however, the addition of Calcium Chloride, which is a salt solution, solves this problem with milk purchased from the grocery store and allows you to make cheese with this milk by restoring the milk’s ability to coagulate and form a good curd with the addition of rennet.

Making Tofu:

Calcium Chloride acts as a coagulant for soy milk. Add two to three teaspoons of Calcium Chloride to a litre of heated soy milk to create curds suitable to press into tofu.

Fermenting Vegetables:

Adding a teaspoon per kilogram of vegetables will help keep your fermented vegetables crisp.




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Brand Green Living Australia
Calcium chloride
By: on 14 November 2023
I have not used it as yet, but I intend to use it as a coagulant in tofu.
By: on 12 November 2023
Invaluable aid to set yoghurt. There is nothing as good as tangy Greek homemade yoghurt
Wouldn’t buy elsewhere
By: on 8 October 2023
I’ve been buying green living products for around 5 years. I make my own yoghurt weekly using their yoghurt makers (I have 2) and their cultures and calcium chloride. I end up with the best tasting yoghurt - everyone comments on how good it is, with just a bit of prep required. I have made the yoghurt without the calcium chloride, but I prefer the thicker texture when I use it.
Great product
By: on 10 July 2023
Once again, thanks for a great product, delivery time and great customer service
Makes life simple
By: on 17 June 2023
I use Calcium Chloride to make thick yogurt the easy way - with long-life milk. No long simmering at precise temperature. 10 minutes and then forget… Warm 2lt long-life in the microwave Add 18 drops Calcium Chloride Add 1.5 cups milk powder Into the yogurt maker Done… 10 mins tops Great product.

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