Calcium Chloride Solution for Cheese Making, Yoghurt Making & Fermenting Vegetables

Strength: This is a 30% calcium chloride solution

Cheese Making:

The addition of Calcium Chloride generally improves the rennet coagulation properties of your milk and this is particularly true when using pasteurised milk that has been stored in a refrigerator.

Pasteurising and then cold storing milk impairs the milk’s rennet coagulation properties, reduces the recovery of protein and fat, and reduces cheese yield. There is a scientific explanation that we will not go into here; however, the addition of Calcium Chloride, which is a salt solution, solves this problem with milk purchased from the grocery store and allows you to make cheese with this milk by restoring the milk’s ability to coagulate and form a good curd with the addition of rennet.


The addition of a few drops per litre of milk can help strengthen the curd, making a thicker yoghurt. If making yoghurt a 50 ml bottle is enough for over 300 kilos of yoghurt

Fermenting Vegetables:

Adding a teaspoon per kilogram of vegetables will help keep your fermented vegetables crisp.



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Brand GLA
Makes thick yogurt from UHT milk
By: on 10 May 2022
Without the Calcium Chloride I found it impossible to get thick yogurt from UHT milk. With it, Using full-cream UHT milk to make yogurt is soooo simple with no complicated heat treatment regime. Preparation time is 10 minutes, tops; 24 hours (or less) in the electric yogurt maker and it's done. - 2 litres full-cream UHT milk - 20 drops of the Calcium Chloride - 2/3 cup of powdered milk - 24 hours (or less) in th electric yogurt maker Genius
What a difference a few drops of CaCl2 makes.
By: on 18 April 2022
I got some more of the Tangy Yoghurt culture and decided to try the Calcium Chloride as I've never added it before. It makes an amazing difference to the thickness of the yoghurt. I make my yoghurt from lite milk and it can tend to be a little loose and watery - not any more! Highly recommend you try this.
Calcium Chloride in yoghurt
By: on 8 March 2022
Yep, it works. I use light milk and I usually get a yoghurt that is a bit soft. I put 3 drops for 600ml, and it was much firmer. Now trying 2 drops :-)
Calcium Chloride
By: on 5 March 2022
Happy with product and is working as promised.
Worthwhile Product.
By: on 16 February 2022
Helps create a rich, firm yoghurt and lasts forever as you use so little!

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