Amish Drawing Salve

I do lots of gardening and while I know I should keep my gardening gloves on, I often don’t. Consequently, it is not unusual for me to get a splinter that I can’t get out and need a little assistance with. My go-to solution for this problem is Amish black drawing salve. I picked up this recipe when I was living in Pennsylvania USA, a state where there is a significant population of Amish, and their positive influence is felt statewide.

The natural drawing and purifying properties of ingredients such as Activated Charcoal Power and Bentonite Clay work hand in hand with the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of honey and lavender. The recipe is easy to follow, with just a few ingredients.


Amish Drawing Salve ingredients


  • Gently melt your shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax using a double boiler

Melt the beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil

Add the calenula infused oil and honey

Gradually add the acitvated charcoal powder and benotonite clay blend to the wax mixture

Mix until it is a uniform consistency

  • Stir in the lavender essential oil.
  • Pour the mixture into small glass jars or tins and allow it to cool and solidify.
  • Label with the contents and date and store in the fridge or in a cool dark place.

Traditionally, black drawing salve is applied to the affected area of the skin and then covered with a bandage or piece of clean cloth. The bandage or cloth is then left in place for several hours or overnight, allowing the salve to work on drawing out impurities from the skin. After the salve has been left in place for the recommended amount of time, the bandage or cloth is removed and the impurities are gently cleaned off the skin.

This is a must-have item for the medicine cupboard for me and I think it should be for you too. It’s easy and inexpensive to make and has a shelf life of around 12 months, or longer if you choose to keep it in the fridge.

This is a great DIY project for anyone who works with their hands and is likely to get the odd splinter now and then.


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