When used in soap making coconut oil creates a soap quick to trace, with a beautiful, creamy lather and, when used in moderation, it has great moisturizing and conditioning properties. However, if used in too high a percentage, it can cause dryness, so us this oil in moderation. Coconut oil has strong cleaning properties and makes a moderately hard soap. This oil is solid at room temperatures under 25 degrees and liquid at higher temperatures.

Recommended usage: 15 to 30%.

This coconut oil is refined and deodorised (RBD).


  • The 1kg Coconut Oil comes packed in a resealable plastic pouch which is enclosed in a cardboard box for protection. 
  • The 15kg Coconut Oil comes packed in a food grade plastic bladder which is packed in a cardboard box for protection. All sizes above 1kg are food grade.

Country of Origin: Malaysia


SKU 1211-ALL
Brand Green Living Australia
Coconut Oil Review
By: on 29 September 2021
They have a first class product line that they offered. I will order again
Coconut Oil (Bulk) - 15 Litre Box
By: on 15 July 2020
Item was received super fast - i really commend their delivery process !! Packaging was very aptly done and item was intact without any damage- "Could have been a tad bit easier to transfer to smaller containers - if it was delivered in a tub instead". I found the coconut oil super refined and really good - but only drawback is it doesn't bear the actual full aroma of coconut oil. But that doesn't hold me back from ordering next time at i love it and so does my family(**We use it pretty much in most of our cooking**) !!
Coconut Oil 1 kg
By: on 15 July 2019
The product itself is good quality. However, I found the packaging slightly problematic. It was tricky getting the partially solidified oil out of the zip lock foil bag. Because it is foil, it cannot be warmed in the microwave in the bag.
Coconut oil
By: on 26 April 2019
Very happy with this product. Great service too
Coconut oil 1kg
By: on 1 December 2018
Great stuff. All gone.

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