Dairy Yoghurt Recipes

So, you want to make Dairy Yoghurt?

Before you begin, we recommend reading through the Basic Principles of Yoghurt Making. If you are already familiar with the process, feel free to jump right in and start using these recipes.

Traditional Dairy Yoghurt is easy to make and rewarding in many ways. Not only do you have full control over what goes into your yoghurt but you also get to decide how thick and tangy you want your yoghurt to be. In addition to these benefits, you end up with a product that is free from preservatives and additives. There are so many recipes out there for making your own yoghurt that it may be difficult to pick one. We have developed these simple directions for making yoghurt in your own kitchen. These methods are tried and true. Following these directions will result in wonderful, great tasting yoghurt every time.

If you are a visual learner you might enjoy these videos. 

See how to make dairy yoghurt.

Dairy Yoghurt Recipes:

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