Preserving, Soap Making, and Cheese Making Thermometers

Measures 0°-105°C

This 200 mm stem, stainless steel dial thermometer with an adjustable clip, easily attaches to the side of any height pot and has a 35 mm dial head making it easy to read. It may be recalibrated by adjusting the nut underneath the dial.

Unlike electronic thermometers, this dial thermometer is always on and does not have to be turned on every time you wish to check the temperature. 

These thermometers are in both Fahrenheit (reading 32°-220°F) and Celsius (0°-105°C), and contain no mercury.

Recalibrating Your Thermometer:

In the rough and tumble of life, your thermometer may be dropped or banged against the sides of your pots and pans, so it is wise to check the accuracy every now and then. Simply place the tip of the thermometer into some boiling water and check that it is reading 100 °C. This needs to be done at sea level as water boils at a lower temperature at higher altitudes. If it is not reading correctly follow the directions in this video to fix it. This can also be done in iced water.


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Accurate, easy to use thermometer
By: on 26 September 2022
This is an easy to use, accurate, long lasting thermometer that is also a good price.
Thermometer - Temp 0°-105°C
By: on 17 July 2022
Product is good, the clip is rather awkward, but Thermometer is very good.
definitely need this
By: on 16 November 2021
Bought this for a Birthday pressy for a fiend with a yoghurt maker she loves it has used it heaps
By: on 16 August 2021
Great product very reliable and accurate
mild yoghurt culture.
By: on 7 April 2020
I used to use easiyo starter and was always frustrated and thought I was doing something wrong as half the time it wouldn't work or it would take 3 days to set. when I first bought this I was frightened to start and took me a couple of weeks to get the guts up to do it. I'm now pleasantly surprised by how well it works and won't look back it's very easy to make and I've so far had 100% success rate. very very happy with this product.

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