Mini Measuring Spoons

These stainless steel Mini Measuring Spoons are ideal for the small quantities required in some recipes.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Drop = 1/64 teaspoon
  • Smidgen = 1/32 teaspoon
  • Pinch = 1/16 teaspoon
  • Dash = 1/8 teaspoon
  • Tad = 1/4 teaspoon

Soap and Cosmetic Making

Perfect for measuring micas, iron oxides, liquid dyes and essential oils.


Fits inside of spice jars easily!

Cheese Making

Cheesemaking products, such as culture and moulds, are marked as per the amount of milk to be used with the total contents. Dividing the contents down to a suitable dose for the cheese you are making today can, in part, be a bit of a best guess, which is acceptable. These Mini Measuring Spoons are a great tool to help you get some consistency.

Kefir & Yoghurt

These stainless steel Mini Measuring Spoons are ideal for dosing the Kefir & Yoghurt cultures.

Kefir & Yoghurt Culure Dosing Advice with Mini Measuring Spoons

Please note that different cultures will have different dosing advice and the label should be checked with each new delivery of culture.


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Mini Measuring Spoons
By: on 28 March 2024
I purchased my first set as my dedicated cheesemaking spoons and I am more than happy with them. However, I purchased a second set only to find that they are quite rough [burrs] on the surface rim of the scooped end of spoons. A bit rough on the mouth when taking supplement powders :) BUT for cheesemaking, they are great
Mini Measuring Spoons
By: on 26 March 2024
Perfect little set for smaller measurements.
Great spoons
By: on 17 March 2024
Stainless steel. Good quality. They do what they are intended to do.
Supporting Small Business
By: on 8 January 2024
The mini measuring spoons are a very handy tool when measuring out your culture for the 90 & 10% storage containers.
Measuring spoons
By: on 8 April 2023
Great quality and good price

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