Making Tofu

Making Tofu

Adding Calcium Chloride to heated soy milk will cause the soy milk to coagulate to be able to capture the curds and press to make tofu.

Heat one litre of soy milk to 70 to 80 deg C and add two or three teaspoons of Calcium Chloride diluted with 1/4 cup of water. This will cause the soy curds to coagulate.

Place all of the curds into a tofu mould lined with loose weave cheesecloth.

Fold the cloth over the top of the curds ready to place a follower on top.

We refilled the soy milk container with water to make a 1 kg weight and pressed the tofu in a fridge.

The longer you leave it to press the drier your tofu will be.

We left this pressing overnight.

You can make your own soy milk or use one from the store.

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