Mild Yoghurt Culture - 100 litres

This culture produces a lovely thick and creamy yoghurt!

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Recommended for culture and rennet products which are time and temperature-sensitive.

Please see the Yoghurt Making Directions and our video How To Store The Culture and How Much To Use on YouTube.

This culture produces a lovely thick and creamy yoghurt, with mild to medium acidity.

Mild Taste

Great Taste

Makes a wonderful, great tasting yoghurt that you are sure to love. Mild flavour is perfect for the whole family.

Saves Money

Saves Money

Costing just a few cents per litre, this culture will save you heaps versus buying yoghurt from the shops.

Live Bacteria

Live Bacteria

This pure yoghurt culture is guaranteed to be alive. As soon as you add it to your milk it starts to grow and multiply.



  • Pure, live culture with no fillers or additives.
  • Consists of specifically selected strains of:
    • a mild acidifying Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus
    • and a low content of fast acidifying Streptococcus thermophilus


  • Making your own yoghurt is very economical as the culture is highly concentrated with each sachet making up to 100 one litre batches of yoghurt!
  • This culture contains NO Bifidus, and is therefore OK for the SCD™ diet.
  • This culture is suitable for the whole family, including the softer palates of children, with a mild flavour and creamy texture.
  • Each sachet is supplied with two sterile jars to keep your culture safely in the freezer and allow you to easily pick up just a small amount on the end of a knife.
  • Free from gluten, peanut, sesame, eggs, celery, mustard, fish or shellfish, sulphites, lupine, soy, and is GMO Free.

Shelf Life of Cultures:

When stored correctly freeze dried lactic cultures are typically viable long after any date on the pack.

Room temperature   weeks
Refrigerator   months
Freezer   years


Useful Links:

Yoghurt Making Directions
Frequently Asked Questions
Specification Sheet
GMO Free Statement
Allergen Statement
Gluten Free Declaration

How to store the culture and how much to use.

This system will help you get the best value out of our yoghurt cultures, kefir and probiotic veggie culture, while helping protect the culture from moisture and contamination.

How to make dairy yoghurt.

Directions are supplied with the culture and you can see them on this site but sometimes just seeing it happen is the way to learn.



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Great yoghurt

By: on 31 March 2020
I have had no problem at all with this yoghurt. I use a Green living yoghurt maker and am really happy with the product. Couldn't be easier


By: on 15 February 2020
Followed the pot set instructions for this culture and so creamy! Yummy!

Great flavour

By: on 29 January 2020
This is my favourite tasting yoghurt culture and it's very robust, keeping for many months in the freezer. But I really wish it was packaged better...the foil pack is difficult to empty without losing some culture. However top marks to Green Living Australia for super fast delivery in insulated foil pouch...on last post delivery postman was in a panic making sure I got it into the fridge promptly. And also great order feedback and tracking etc.

Mild Yoghurt Culture

By: on 17 January 2020
Lovely Product

The Best ever

By: on 23 December 2019
This makes the best ever Yoghurt. I don’t buy yoghurt any more. The website is also fabulous with all the information you need and if you don’t read the instructions properly the person on the phone is just as fabulous. He took the scariness out of making your first yoghurt.

Mild yoghurt culture - 100 litres

By: on 9 December 2019
Green Living culture is very easy to use economical & results fantastic my yoghurt is not very sour just creamy & good whey that I use for soaking legumes , and/ or made Fermented raw vegetables like beetroot Kvass. The milk I use is RAW unpasteurised goat Milk organic "Sweet & creamy" from the Nimbin Valley 'sweet goats' Milk is A2 even I am born Lactose intolerant once made with the the culture I have no reactive symptoms. (24 h in my yoghurt maker = no lactose & casein protein easier to digest. All sweet & nourishing ... plus my cat Gigi love a wee bit as dessert after her fresh breakfast! Important feed back: Valerie in her valuable video guidance re how much to use ... as it's RAW goat milk... can be watery a fact ... well NOT for me as not using 'a smidge' but exactly 2 small measures(sometimes 3) depending of the consistency of the seasonal milk... 1 measure = 0.15 cc. Perfect Love it Nurturing & nourishing for wellness. Thanks to Green Living for this quality traditional species in the culture. Merci ++++ Michele..... remind me of my birth 'dairy country of Normandie' with its cultural dairies ..... Voila try it you will be amazed!!

Mild Yoghurt Culture - 100 litres

By: on 22 November 2019
This is a fantastic product. But in my opinion the two empty pots supplied are a bit too big. Any chance of find much smaller ampoules?. The video you have on the website also very very helpful. My only criticism is that your website desperately needs updating of the STORE FINDER. I really wanted to just get the product from Mr Vitamins or Flannerys Cronulla but they kept on saying its on order but after 4 weeks i finally gave up and ordered from you directly. Some of the stores on your STORE FINDER don't even exist anymore.

Yoghurt starter

By: on 28 October 2019
This culture makes the best yoghurt I've made. I'm eating it everyday with delight.

Great culture for Greek yogurt

By: on 19 September 2019
Culture works well for a typical mild yogurt but works especially well as the starting point for wonderfully rich Greek yogurt - just make, cool, then strain for 3 hours. Perfect every time. And it really does make 100 litres !

I like it

By: on 25 June 2019
I've been making yoghurt using this plus the ABC culture for about a year (I eat it about 4 times a week). I still have heaps of the culture left. I really like the mild flavour and creamy texture. I no longer take probiotic capsules and have not had a noticeable return to the mild digestive issues I had prior to taking them, so I think the yoghurt is doing its job.

Tasty yoghurt

By: on 24 June 2019
I love yoghurt but I have a very sensitive stomach. So, I was little bit cautious about introducing a new culture into my system , but it was good. I don’t have any worries. The yoghurt is a very mild taste. When I have the yoghurt I add one tea spoon of honey. It’s very tasty. Thank you very much.

Mild yoghurt culture

By: on 20 June 2019
An excellent product. Easy to use and store. Always dispatched ASAP after ordering, excellent service.

mild yoghurt culture

By: on 22 April 2019
It fermented as indicated. Adding a filler to bulk it out could make it easier to handle.

Great yoghurt

By: on 29 January 2019
I make healthy, low sugar yoghurt, using frozen yogurt culture, so simple and easy, and always a success


By: on 23 January 2019
I purchased this product for the second time (a year apart - it last ages in the freezer and goes a long way.) I use it in combination with the ABC culture. It allows me to easily make lactose free yoghurt (using lactose free milk) at a much lower cost than I’d have to pay to buy it at the supermarket. My parents have just also converted to using this culture and make their yoghurt using powdered milk (it doesn’t taste like powdered milk once set) - VERY cheap to make and FAR less packaging. We just use our old Yoplus makers. Delivery speed and customer service also outstanding.

Great homemade yoghurt

By: on 8 January 2019
Makes great silky yoghurt that is delicious. Economical and great for environment by not buying tubs of yoghurt as a starter. Certainly do not get anywhere near 100 litres from the pack as detailed on the packaging. When I put in the recommended amount, it was not enough to make the yoghurt consistency. Will continue to buy regardless.

Yoghurt Culture

By: on 26 December 2018
I have bought this before and keep coming back! It makes the best yoghurt ever... I haven't bought any yoghurt from the supermarket in years!

Easy to use with great results

By: on 17 December 2018
Worked a treat first time and tastes great. Followed the directions under the recipes sections and worked out almost perfectly (tip: heat your milk really slowly or your yoghurt will be grainy).

Superb results

By: on 11 December 2018
This produces the most creamy, delicious yoghurt. Soooo much nicer than shop bought!

Mild Yogurt culture

By: on 27 November 2018
This makes a very nice tasty yogurt. I highly recommend it.

Mild Yoghurt Culture

By: on 3 October 2018
This is a nice, dessert style yoghurt, always consistent in texture and taste. I prefer a tangy yoghurt and even after 12 hours, this remains a mild yoghurt.

Mild yoghurt culture.

By: on 17 September 2018
This is amazing. Great value for money and makes really lovely thick yoghurt. No extra additives needed although the instructions suggest pectin for thickness. Not needed.

Happy family

By: on 13 September 2018
Used this product many times over the last 6+ years. Now doing 4l of yoghurt at a time! My whole family loves it!

Bang for your buck

By: on 12 September 2018
I wasn't sure what to expect as a first time maker. The amount seemed surprisingly small but not a lot is needed. I didn't purchase the measuring spoons but wish I had. We let the yoghurt set for 10 hours. It was thick and tasty. I'd definitely buy again.

enjoying the yoghurt

By: on 5 September 2018
I am fairly new to yoghurt making, but having made a couple of batches using shop yoghurts the starter, I thought I would give this a go. I found the result a pleasant and, yes, mild flavoured yoghurt. The extra containers provided are helpful for storage, but way larger than the amount of culture to go in them. The most difficult thing is getting the culture out of the original container and into the freezer containers without losing a fair proportion, as it's such a tiny amount to begin with. But in terms of the yoghurt itself, I am happy with the results.


By: on 8 August 2018
I initially had a few small problems making this product, but, I was given more tips from Green Living and I have to say that this is the best yoghurt I have ever tasted. Mild, thick creamy and just delicious! Thank you Green Living Australia for a wonderful, healthy, fresh product at a bargain price .

Mild yoghurt culture

By: on 31 July 2018
Makes beautiful yoghurt

Great yoghurt

By: on 8 July 2018
I make 2 litres of yoghurt every week for my son who is on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet using this culture and probiotic. It’s delicious... so much better than store bought yoghurt. I can recommend it and also the Greenliving yoghurt maker which makes it so easy to make!


By: on 7 June 2018
I am so pleased with my Mild Yoghurt Culture. It is rich and creamy with a slight tang.......which is lovely to add fruit too. I used the Calcium Chloride and the Pro biotic in the mix. Extremely satisfied. So easy to have on hand in the freezer. Your service is great with quick delivery

Amazing home made yogurt

By: on 29 March 2018
I am a convert, so easy and so much cheaper than using the packets from the shops to do my home made yogurt. I don't like it sweet and prefer to add my own flavours so this product was perfect. Really surprised at how little I need to use to make a entire litre of yogurt, have already been recommending to friends.

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