Gut-Healthy Fermentation

Fermentation is one of the oldest and safest food preserving methods known to man.

We as a species have been eating bacteria driven foods for thousands of years but it is only now that the science of fermented foods is beginning to be understood.  

Vital to our health and wellbeing, consuming probiotic and prebiotic foods is more important than ever, as we live in a degraded environment, full of toxins and a culture that wants to sanitise us out of existence. 

Real nutrition comes from real foods ... there are no magic pills!

Making Sourdough

The fermentation of the sourdough mother and then of the bread dough through long, slow proving allows microorganisms to digest parts of the grains that are undigestable by humans, eliminating potential problems with bread consumption. This is the way bread was meant to be made.  

Probiotic Yoghurt

Find all the Dairy and Non-Dairy yoghurt cultures and equipment for making gut-healthy, probiotic yoghurts right here, including a yoghurt maker designed for long fermentation.

Fermenting Probiotic Vegetables

Fermented vegetables are healthy and last for months in your refrigerator. Two well-known fermented vegetable dishes are Korean kimchi and German sauerkraut but that is just the beginning. Here you will find pure cultures and equipment to get you started. 

Making Probiotic Kefir

Maintenance Free Kefir is ideal for our busy cluttered lives. Understand the difference between kefir grains and kefir culture and make wonderful kefir. Perfect for those that just don't have time. 

Probiotic Kombucha Tea

Over 40 Recipes

Kombucha jars and a limited number of SCOBYs are available.  Kombucha gives you a great range of bacteria, is simple to make and tastes great.