Almond Yoghurt

This recipe makes a great Almond Yoghurt using using our Mild or Tangy (Dairy Based) Yoghurt Culture or Vegan Almond Yoghurt using our Non-Dairy Culture.

You Will Need The Following Items

  • A yoghurt maker, or a jar large enough to hold one litre of milk.
  • A stainless steel pot, or glass jug if planning to heat the milk in a microwave.
  • Dairy thermometer.
  • An esky to put the jar in, or a blanket and a warm spot if you do not have a yoghurt maker.

Your Ingredients

Note: The amount of culture used for one litre is VERY SMALL.


Soak your almond nuts overnight in chlorine free water.

Drain and rinse the almonds.

Blend the almonds with three and a half cups of chlorine free water, on high speed for about three minutes.

Use a jelly strainer or tight weave cheese making cloth to strain out the pulp, squeezing the last of the milk out is OK.

Heat treat your milk to 90° C for 10 to 30 minutes, stirring constantly.

Allow to cool to 40° C, and add the Classic Pectin or Smooth Gel and sugar while whisking vigorously.

Make sure your mixture is at 40 deg C, and add the culture, and mix in well.

Maintain the milk mixture between 37° and 43° C for 18-24 hours.