Camembert Kit

Now Featuring Our High-Strength Rennet Tablets

See how to gift a kit containing temperature-sensitive goodies.

The kit comes with a detailed easy to follow directions demystifying all the steps in the camembert making process and can be used with regular full cream milk, straight from the supermarket.

How Does It Work?

Camembert & Brie are made with these simple steps;

  1. Milk is warmed
  2. Calcium chloride is added
  3. Starter culture and mould are added
  4. The milk is allowed to sit, maintaining the temperature
  5. Rennet is added causing the milk to coagulate into a single large curd
  6. The curd is cut and stirred to drain off whey
  7. The curds are placed in Camembert or Brie hoops to drain off the whey
  8. The hoops are turned to expel the whey evenly
  9. The Camembert or Brie is salted and then aged at 10 to 15 deg C in a ripening box

This Kit Contains:

You Will Need: (most of which can be found in your kitchen)

How Much Does It Make?

Our Camembert Cheese Kit makes 25 batches of Camembert Cheese, with each batch producing 4 individual Camembert Cheeses.

How Do I Store My Ingredients?

We ship these products Australia wide, however, this kit contains ingredients that do require long term storage in a freezer, on arrival. Extended time out of a freezer will decrease the shelf life.

Shelf Life of Cultures:

When stored correctly, freeze dried lactic cultures are typically viable long after any date on the pack.

Room temperature   weeks
Refrigerator   months
Freezer   years

Dosing Cheese Culture:

We are often asked "if my culture pack is enough for 100 litres, how do I work out how much to use for four or eight litres"?



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Cheese kits
By: on 24 August 2023
Your cheese kits a brilliant for 1st timers... the instruction booklets are very informative & the step by steps are easy to follow. Trying new cheese recepies is very exciting. Your postage is super fast too.
So far very cool
By: on 1 July 2023
Made some camembert so far, they look awesome and i will introduce my son to washed-rind on monday

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