This amazing calcium-activated, low methylester, pectin makes low sugar or no sugar preserving a reality.

Multiple Uses

Many Uses

This pectin is designed for making sugar free jams, jellies and conserves. It also makes jello and jelled deserts and even thickens yoghurt. 

Diabetic Friendly

Diabetic Friendly

Make sugar free versions of all your favourite preserves and jelled deserts, without the sugar! Great for anyone reducing their sugar intake.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Made from citrus, Pomona's Universal Pectin is free from animal products, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. Enjoy!

This amazing low, or no sugar, calcium-activated low methylester pectin mentioned in many American preserve recipes is here.

Pomona's is a sugar and preservative-free citrus pectin that does not require sugar to jell. As a result, jams and jellies can be made with less, little, or no sugar at all and also require much less cooking time than traditional recipes, allowing you to create jams that are not only healthier and quicker to make, but filled with more fresh flavour!

Pomona's Pectin Features:

  • Sugar-free, preservative-free, low-methoxyl citrus pectin.
  • Sweeten jam & jelly to your taste with low amounts of any sweetener: sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, frozen juice concentrate, stevia, xylitol, Sucanat, concentrated fruit sweetener, or Splenda and other artificial sweeteners.
  • Each 31 g pack makes 2 to 4 batches (about 5 – 250 ml jars per batch). Recipes can be doubled or tripled. Each box contains pectin powder, calcium powder, directions, and recipes.
  • Keeps indefinitely.
  • Vegan. Gluten Free. Non-GMO.

How Much Does It Make?

1 oz pack: will make 22 x 250 ml jars of jam.

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Learn more about Pomona's Universal Pectin Direct from Pomona's US Website:

Learn: Step-by-step video instructions for making low-sweetener strawberry jam with Pomona’s.

Recipes: See some great recipes on the US Pomona's web site.

Blog: Our seasons don't match up, but the information is invaluable.

FAQ's: These answers are from the US page and may not apply to Australia.


Making Sugar Free Raspberry Jam.

Making Sugar Free Raspberry Jam with Xylitol for some sweetness, and Low Methylester Pectin to get a good set, really fast.


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Sugar reduced Jam

By: on 30 April 2020
My first attempt at making reduced apricot jam (from a failed preserving attempt which had been frozen) using Pomona’s Pectin was an amazing success. I love the colour of the fruit whose taste really shines through. And I can’t detect any chemical taste at all. One thing I did do was swap the lemon juice with the citric acid equivalent and it worked perfectly. My first jar of jam had a complete bread bypass! Looking forward to seeing how marmalade stacks up :-)

Great Product, Great Supplier

By: on 18 December 2019
I like to make various jams & marmalades for family and friends and prefer to use 50-80% less sugar than the usual recipes suggest. Consequently I have often had trouble with getting to jams to set properly. I have tried other setting products but this year tried Pomona Pectin from What a difference it made ... every one of my various jam & marmalade batches set perfectly at around 102ºC - definitely will use this Pomona Pectin again for all future jam & marmalade making. Delivery from was super quick also - certainly better than most of the online retailers I've experienced over the past 5yrs of buying such preserving products online.

Fantastic product !

By: on 16 May 2019
I'm REALLY delighted with Pomona's Pectin which I happened upon by chance and bought ' on spec ' . I've previously tried making very low sugar jams with depressing results as the ' set ' was always a problem and I'd have to reduce the jam too much , giving a poor quality end product . The 2 jams I've made so far are perfect : the first was a strawberry freezer jam recipe in the Pomona packet leaflet , an almost no cook method , having a beautifully fresh flavour with a perfect jell . The second jam is a chunky quince jam recipe of mine I adapted as I went , following guidelines in the Pomona leaflet again , achieving a perfectly set very low sugar jam .

Low sugar fruit jams

By: on 29 April 2019
I initially had problems endeavouring to make fruit jams with a low added sugar content. Pomona’s pectin solved this problem.

Pomona's Pectin

By: on 25 January 2019
very happy with the product use it all thetime

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