Naturally Sweet Xylitol

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Xylitol is naturally sweet and a great alternative sweetener that replaces sugar in your diet without affecting blood sugar levels.

Many Uses

Many Uses

Xylitol can be used to replace sugar in all of your recipes. Make sugar free jams and preserves or use to sweeten your tea or coffee.

Diabetic Friendly

Diabetic Friendly

This sugar alternative is great for diabetics and those sensitive to sugar, as it does not have an effect on blood glucose levels. Sweet! 

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Our xylitol is made from plants and does not contain any animal products, making xylitol suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Xylitol is as sweet as granulated sugar but has fewer kilojoules and no effect on blood glucose levels. It can, therefore, be used, spoon for spoon, in place of sugar in your tea or coffee, on breakfast cereal or in your favourite recipes. Ditch sugar and try this wonderful, natural, plant-based alternative instead. 


  • Low glycemic index
  • As sweet as cane sugar
  • 40% fewer kilojoules than cane sugar
  • May help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • All-natural and plant-based
  • GMO-Free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made in the USA


What Is Xylitol:

Xylitol is a crystalline sugar alcohol powder commonly refined from birch, corn, berries, and/or plums. Xylitol is a refined sweetener, so it doesn’t contain any vitamins, minerals or protein. Xylitol has a very low glycemic index and does not affect blood sugar or insulin (Islam & Indrajit, 2012). Therefore, xylitol can be used not only as a sugar substitute but also as a supplement to antidiabetic food and other food products.

Xylitol has the same relative sweetness as sucrose, with about 40% fewer kilojoules
(Paxton, 2015, p. 72).

Like chocolate, xylitol is toxic to dogs. This should not be a significant issue, as you should not be feeding your dog foods that are sweetened with xylitol or anything else for that matter.



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By: on 29 April 2024
This stuff is fantastic! Made a lovely thick fig jam (using the strawberry jam recipe from this site). Tastes delicious and sugar free! The xylitol dissolved easily. I’m so glad I talked to the lovely Green Living man on the phone a few months ago and ordered it and the calcium products. As a diabetic I didn’t eat jam and so glad the first jam Ive had in years was a roaring success. Well worth trying!’
By: on 31 October 2021
I have been buying my Xylitol from Green Living for over a year, as it's much cheaper than what they are asking for it in the shops near me. It's a great product, a natural sweetener, that's actually good for you, and suitable for me to use as a diabetic. The orders have always been delivered in a very short time, and have never had any trouble in either ordering or receiving the product.
Great Product
By: on 3 July 2020
I love this product it tastes great, I put it in everything that I would normally use sugar it's a great alternative to sugar if you need to cut that out of your diet. The only thing I don't like about is the price
Great for Diabetics
By: on 22 September 2018
This product allows the flavour of the fruit to be the true taste of your jam. No after taste and a natural product. Would love it to be in 2-3kg tubs

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