Cheese Wax - Natural - 1 kg

Cheese wax is used to cover many types of hard cheeses for aging. The cheese wax will keep the cheese from drying out and stop unwanted bacteria and mould from coming into contact with the aging cheese, and it looks good too. 1 kg of wax can be used to wax many kinds of cheese. An advantage of using natural (uncoloured) cheese wax is that it is easier to see through. We recommend natural wax for beginners as any unwanted mould growing beneath the wax during aging is easier to spot.

How to store your cheese wax:

  • Valerie suggests you dedicate a low-cost saucepan to waxing. This pot is known as your wax pot.
  • Place the wax into your low-cost or even a secondhand pot with a lid and heat until it has completely melted. Keep an eye on the pot as the wax is flammable.
  • Allow the wax to cool and store it in your wax pot with the lid on.
  • Now your wax pot is ready to use whenever you need to wax a cheese!

How to wax a cheese:

  • Melt the wax in your wax pot. Keep an eye on the pot as the wax is flammable.
  • Once the wax has melted, dip one side of the cheese wheel into the wax. Then dip the opposite side in. Continue to turn and dip the cheese until all sides of the wheel are covered.
  • Allow the wax to cool and set on the cheese before laying it down.
  • Inspect your cheese for any spots where the wax is very thin or missing.
  • Use a Cheese Wax Brush made with sustainable wood handles and natural food-grade bristles to fill in missing sections. Do not use a brush with synthetic fibres, as the temperature of the hot wax may melt synthetic bristles.


Please wax your cheese safely.



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cheesewax ease of use
By: on 2 November 2020
just like to let you know that it is really hard to get the wax out of the foil tray and i find them to big to handle them easy. they don't fit in the pot to melt. if the size you sell would be cut in four pieces, that would be so much easier to melt. i hope this suggestion helps. appart of that i am so thankful to have your service and i have been able to pass on the skill of cheese and yoghurt making many times including your web page in order for them to get their own supplies.

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