Soap Kits

Our Beginner Soap Making Kits make great gifts.

For many years soap was something that was made at home in the kitchen. It was not until the industrial revolution, which bought about the commercial production of soap, that people stopped making it at home and started buying it from a catalogue or store. With this change, the ability of people to control what went onto their skin was lost, and in many cases harsh detergents began to replace natural soaps, often with undesirable results.

These kits are designed to give you a basic understanding of soap making, and to assist you in getting back in control of the contents of the soaps you use on your skin. Soap making is an extremely creative activity, so once you have mastered the basics, you will find yourself experimenting with different combinations of oils, botanical ingredients, shapes, sizes and colours. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

Our Deluxe Soap Kits include five silicone soap moulds, two rectangular, one each of heart, oval, and round shapes.

For the budget conscious we have our basic kits without moulds. A 1 litre cardboard milk carton makes an ideal mould for bar soap, as it can be torn away from the soap as it hardens, ready for cutting.

Please Note: There are some ingredients and some equipment not included in the kits that you will need. These are either common in many kitchens, such as thermometers and olive oil, or not permitted in the post, like caustic soda. Olive oil is available at your local supermarket and caustic soda should be at the supermarket or your local hardware store.