Suitable for your homemade liquid cleanser. Useful for shampoo, hand wash, generic cleanser and many other uses. High quality and reusable. Creates an instant, thick foam from your soapnut concentrate, very user friendly!

USE: to prevent the Foamer Bottle clogging up when using liquid Soapnut concentrate, let the concentrate sit overnight and just use the clear liquid in the foamer bottles. The sediment at the bottom can be used for all other bottles, but the foamers have a very fine mesh filter which will become clogged.


Great for DIY liquid soap
3 December 2018
Bought 2x 200ml for my liquid soap projects. One's lid kept getting stuck & so won't work well but the other one I'm still using over 6 months later with no problems. Just be aware that if you are wanting to use this for your soap nut solution, make sure that you strain your solution a few times otherwise you will clog the dispenser's mesh. Would be nice if there was a glass version as I'm weary of essential oils in plastic.

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