Royal Gold Mica - 20, 50, 150 & 500 GRAMS

Used for soap and cosmetic making, mica is a natural mineral with a crystalline structure that reflects light.

Mica can be mixed with a combination of iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other natural ingredients to give beautiful vivid colours.

This mica is pure and free of dangerous heavy metals and other contaminants.


  • Mica - 53-61%
  • Titanium Oxide - 20-24%
  • Iron Oxide - 19-23%
  • Tin Dioxide - 0-1%

This Mica is:

  • Eye Safe
  • Lip Safe
  • Soap Stable
  • NanoParticle Free
  • Child Labor Free
  • Not Tested on Animals

Basic Bronzer Recipe



  • Mix all ingredients in a spice grinder for 1 minute or place into a plastic bag and blend together using your fingers for 5 minutes.
  • Place in a sifter jar and apply with a blush or kabuki brush to cheeks, shape around the face, and dust on the top of shoulders and collarbones for a sun-kissed glow.

Note: If you do not blend your bronzer enough, the iron oxide will leave streaks of brown on your face when you apply it. Ensure you mix and crush the powder rather than shake it to form a smooth powder that glides easily onto your skin.

What colour suits you?

Choosing the right bronzing mica is important. I recommend getting two different tones so you can blend them together if needed. Here are some suggestions to get you started.



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Brand Green Living Australia
Gold Mica powder
By: on 19 March 2023
Great product that adds a beautiful lustre to lip balms and makeup products!
Royal Gold Mica
By: on 19 February 2019
Excellent product. Love it. Many thanks. Also very fast delivery, very happy customer. Will buy again.

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