Castor Oil

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Castor oil is a versatile ingredient commonly used in soap and cosmetic making due to its impressive humectant properties. As a humectant, castor oil can help to attract and retain moisture, making it an effective ingredient for hydrating and nourishing the skin and hair.

When used in soapmaking, castor oil can help improve the soap's overall moisturising properties. It can also help to create a thick and creamy lather, which makes the soap feel luxurious and indulgent. In cosmetics, castor oil is often used in products such as lotions, creams, and lip balms, where it helps to keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

One of the reasons that castor oil is so effective as a humectant is due to its high viscosity. This thick consistency helps to form a protective barrier on the skin or hair, preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin and hair soft and supple.

Castor oil also contains a range of beneficial compounds, such as vitamin E and fatty acids, which can help to nourish and protect the skin and hair. These compounds work together to promote overall health and radiance, making castor oil a popular choice for those looking for natural, effective ingredients in their soap and cosmetic products.

Native To: Southeast Mediterranean, East Africa, India.


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