Gut Health & Fermentation

Gut Health & Fermentation Workshops

( maximum of 8 people per class )

A great way to start fermenting food at home.

Class Schedule

Learn to ferment foods in an ordinary kitchen with your own, every day, kitchen utensils.

You do not need a commercial kitchen or commercial kitchen equipment to make wonderful fermented foods in your own home.

Learn to make fermented vegetables, Kimchi, Kefir, Quark and Yoghurts, in our half day beginners class.

You get to take some home too.

All this for just $150


Classes start promptly at 10am, and run up to 5 hours duration, depending on how much fun everyone is having.

Making your own fermented foods at home: From Kimchi to Kombucha, Kefir to Quark, and yoghurt, both dairy and non-dairy; these are all fermented foods that you can make yourself at home. Learn how important fermented foods are in achieving a healthy diet and a strong immune system.

Our classes are held on week days, and Saturdays, with the class size limited to a maximum of 8 people, so that everyone gets to have a "hands on" experience.


Please note: Due to the demand for these classes bookings are essential and payment is required at the time of booking.

Selected classes may already be fully booked, avoid dissapointment by contacting us early.

Please call 07 3808 2576 to book over the phone, or simply book online by purchasing tickets for events listed below.


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