Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture for Lacto-Fermentation




Take advantage of this short-dated Veggie Culture. While it may be near or past its best before date, this will have little to no impact on the home fermenter if stored correctly. If the rate of activity drops in this culture, you may need to use a little more than normal however it is typical that this culture lasts long after (years) it's best before date when stored correctly. Get in while stocks last!

See the difference between Best Before and Use By dates.

This popular veggie culture is used to ferment vegetables and juices and can be added to milk products like yoghurt, providing additional live probiotics.

Please Note: Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture will not make yoghurt on its own and must be used in addition to a yoghurt starter culture to make yoghurt.

Multiple Uses

Multiple Uses

This culture can be used to ferment vegetables, add probiotics to dairy products like yoghurt and make other healthy fermented foods and drinks.

Great Value

Saves Money

Costing just pennies per litre / kilogram, this culture will save you heaps versus buying premade fermented foods from the shops.

Live Probiotic Bacteria

Live Probiotic Bacteria

This pure probiotic culture is guaranteed to be alive. It starts fermenting as soon as you add it to your recipe, growing and multiplying rapidly.

Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture can be used for adding probiotics to yoghurt or culturing and fermenting vegetables to make dishes such as Korean kimchi or German sauerkraut.

Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture Contains:

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
    and a selected strain of
  • Lactobacillus plantarum

How Does It Work?

  • Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture is a protective culture inhibiting unwanted bacteria, yeasts and moulds.
  • May be applied in probiotic products such as fermented milk products and in cultured vegetables.
  • Multi-purpose probiotic culture that can be used to make probiotic products such as fermented milk products, including yoghurt and soft cheeses, or fermented food recipes such as saurkraut, kimchi, fermented juices, sauces and more.
  • To add probiotics to dairy yoghurt, simply sprinkle the culture powder directly into your milk at the same time as you add your yoghurt starter culture, ensuring that the culture is well dispersed by gentle stirring.

How Much Does It Make?

  • Each sachet will make up to 100 kilograms of fermented veggies.
  • One sachet is also enough to add to 100 batches of yoghurt (1 litre batches).
  • Making you own yoghurt into a probiotic yoghurt or making your own healthy fermented vegetables with this culture is very economical as the Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture is highly concentrated.


  • Each sachet is supplied with two sterile jars to keep your culture safely in the freezer and allow you to easily pick up just a small amount on the end of a knife.
  • Free from gluten, peanut, sesame, eggs, celery, mustard, fish or shellfish, sulphites, lupine, soy, and is GMO Free.

Shelf Life of Cultures:

When stored correctly freeze dried lactic cultures are typically viable long after any date on the pack.

Room temperature   weeks
Refrigerator   months
Freezer   years

Useful Links:

Specification Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions
GMO Free Statement
Allergen Statement
Gluten Free Declaration


Making Fermented or Cultured Vegetables.

See Mortimer Pillon and Green Living Australia’s vegetable fermentation systems and see a batch of fermented veggies packed and started.

How to store the culture and how much to use.

This system will help you get the best value out of our yoghurt cultures, kefir and probiotic veggie culture, while helping protect the culture from moisture and contamination.




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Great to reduce salt use

By: on 6 September 2021
I love that I can add this culture to ferment my vegies without needing to add a lot of salt.

Yoghurt XTRA Booster

By: on 8 August 2021
I have recently added the "Fermented Vegetable and Yoghurt" culture to my mild culture yoghurt, - previously boosted with "ABC Probiotic" culture. My yoghurt now contains a total of 9 different strains of culture rather the standard 3 strains. All for the same amount of work and negligable overall cost increase. Surely you cannot buy any commercially made yoghurt of this complexity. My yoghurt remains thick and creamy. Hoping for some long term beneficial results.

Best Kraut

By: on 23 June 2021
My order was received within a couple of days and the instructions on how to store the culture was very easy to understand. I recently made some sauerkraut using the Probiotic Vegetable & Dairy Culture. After an eight day ferment I was really please with the taste and texture. My husband's comment was that it was much better than the store bought brand we had been eating.

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