Creating Liquid Soaps That Soothe!

Finally, a book on making liquid soaps at home! Let expert soapmaker Catherine Failor introduce you to the luxurious world of all-natural liquid soaps - the easy way.

Using a simple double-boiler technique, you can create inexpensive moisturizing hand soaps, revitalizing shampoos, invigorating shower gels, soothing bubble baths, and much more. And all tailored to your skin type, to your hair's needs, or even to your mood!

Discover how easy it is to master this special hot-process soapmaking technique and explore the art of this rewarding craft.

Using simple, pure ingredients, such as cocoa butter, lanolin, and jojoba, you can create liquid soaps that are better for your skin, better for the environment, and just plain better than any you'll find in a store.

Learn to blend oils and additives, add color and scent to your creations, and develop one-of-a-kind personal soaps - all in your own kitchen!


ISBN 9781580172431


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Barcode # 9781580172431
Artist / Author Catherine Failor
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Soap, Natural Body Products & Candles Maker
19 February 2018
This book has helped my business grow as all the recipes in this book are well explained and are 100% All znatual ingrediants. If your experience in making products like this or your just starting out, then this is the book you’d wanna have to help you.

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