Kombucha Jars

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Kombucha is an ancient Asiatic beverage. Believed to have started in China, then Russia, it has spread around the world as a health giving beverage. Claims say it "detoxifies the body and energizes the mind". The Kombucha culture has been known as a mushroom, fungus or lichen. It is now known as a Symbiotic Culture of friendly Bacteria and Yeast or "SCOBY" for short. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become what is known as the kombucha beverage. The living culture in this drink can help restore good health and prevent illnesses.

Kombucha Tea

There are many different recipes using green or black tea, herbs, ginger or combination. Kombucha can enhance the properties of herbs to intensify their healing abilities.

Stoneware is the perfect medium for brewing and storing your kombucha. Our jars are individually handmade on the potter's wheel from stoneware clay. They are hand decorated and glazed with non-toxic glazes and then fired in our kiln to 1280 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the clay becomes vitrified and is turned to stone. The glaze turns to glass, unable to hold or leach any impurities. Unlike glass it will keep too much light from getting in to your brew, making it the perfect environment for your kombucha to grow.

We make our jars with a tap so you are able to use the continuous fermentation process. This method allows you to dispense a daily amount of kombucha, topping it up with new tea as you go, as opposed to waiting each time. These jars can also be used to make individual batches if desired.


Kombucha Crock - 9 Litre
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Kombucha Crock - 4 Litre
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