Durand Fermentation Crocks

Durand Fermentation Crocks

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Vegetable Fermentation Crock


These specially built "Durand" Fermentation Crocks
are the perfect partner for our Probiotic Vegetable Culture

Lead free glazes.

Available in a range of colours.

How It Works

The 'Split Stone' holds the vegetables under the surface of the water.

The 'Moat' allows the lid to sit into water, effectively sealing the crock, allowing gas to escape, while keeping air from getting in.

Monitor the evaporation of water in the water groove. Close the pot with the lid. Pour water (normal tap water) into the water groove. This assures that the pot is sealed airtight, an important requirement for the pot to ferment properly.

Split Stone

Fermentation Process

Fermentation occurs in several stages. Depending on the kind of vegetable, it takes as little as a week.

Especially in the early stages, it is extremely important that no air contacts the vegetable. The lid should therefore not be opened until you expect to harvest your cultured vegetables.

Water and Fermentation

During fermentation and storage of the fermented vegetable the water groove needs to be filled with water.

This prevents the following:

  • Air coming in contact with the vegetables.
  • Yeast forming which makes the vegetable slimy.
  • The upper portion of the vegetable turning bad.
  • Dust or vermin entering.
  • The stones turning smeary and slimy.
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