The EasyOven™ is a heat retention oven, which retains heat to slow cook food with less energy.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Enhances food quality.
  • Reduces pollution (CO2 emissions)
  • Reduces electricity consumption (83% - 90%) and saves on fuel costs
  • Made of fabric, and lightweight (230g),
  • Easy to clean, carry and store when not in use
  • 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally, socially, economically and financially responsible product.


  • 400mm Circular top & base
  • 130mm Gussett
  • Capcaity: 5 litre pot (approximately)

Fantastic to use when:

  • Boating
  • At sporting events
  • At home

How to Use:

So how does it work? You simply start your cooking off the same way you always have, add your spices, veg and meat or whatever you are cooking, bring it to the boil and cook for a limited amount of time (this is usually 10 minutes maximum) and then place the entire pot into the EasyOven™. Leaving your delicious meal to finish cooking while in the EasyOven™ without the use of additional energy.

Add to that the stove’s ability to keep frozen goods frozen for up to three hours, EasyOven is a “MUST HAVE” product.


Patterns shown above may vary.

Cooking pot not included.


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Amazing Concept

By: on 3 July 2020
I did a lot of research before buying the Easy Oven and not disappointed so far! Only used once on a recent camping trip and made a Beef Curry with Gravy Beef, so it needed long and slow to make sure the meat was tender. On arrival at destination 4 hours after putting into the easy oven, it was still warm, but more importantly tender, tasty and cooked! The dish had only had 10 minutes of boiling on the stove, so was very impressed. My extremely skeptical husband was also impressed. This is a great product, extremely well made and attractive. There are so many good things about the Easy Oven, made by Australian Rural women and supporting poor countries to save lives through reduced pollution in home from cooking. Tick tick tick!

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