The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel

Date Posted: 20 June 2018

Rhonda Hetzel feels passionately that living simply leads to a richer, more fulfilling existence.

Having made the decision to live frugally, embrace sustainability and opt out of the capitalist consumerist mindset, she set about working out how to achieve her goal, learning traditional skills, reducing her spending and environmental impact and focusing on the simple things that make life worth living: family, friends, and a home-cooked meal.

The Simple Life is an uplifting read. This is the story of Rhonda’s journey and the lessons she has learned along the way. Rhonda relates why she wanted to change her lifestyle, what simple living means to her and offers guidance to those thinking about taking the same path. If you want to be inspired to live a more peaceful, noble life, then this book is for you!

“In many different ways those of us living a simpler life are all walking the path less traveled. We see what is considered ‘normal’ now, we know that consumption is the ‘standard’ way and we have decided to reject it. Instead of buying all that is new and shiny, we are standing our ground and going back to basics. It’s comfortable there. It’s warm oats soaked overnight and cooked slowly rather than cornflakes; it’s home-baked bread instead of sliced white in plastic wrap; it’s ‘come over and I’ll teach you how to knit’ instead of ‘let’s go shopping’. Instead of buying fast food, we have it slow and easy bubbling away in the oven when the family comes home in the evening. Even the smell of that home-cooked food in the air when they walk through the door tells your family that someone loves them enough to make it all happen. It’s sitting around the table, talking about today and tomorrow. It’s really knowing your friends and family instead of just knowing what they tell you.”

The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel is available for purchase at Green Living Australia in our showroom and on our website and is available in most online retailers.

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