Rhonda Hetzel & Down To Earth

Date Posted: 18 June 2018

Rhonda Hetzel is a retired journalist and technical writer best known for her award-winning blog, 'Down to Earth.' Rhonda lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Hanno where they happily tend a food garden, gather eggs and occasionally look after their grandchildren. After retiring early, Rhonda and her husband set about living a simpler life and Rhonda decided to start a blog documenting all she learned. Eleven years later and Rhonda is still blogging to the appreciation of over five thousand subscribers.
Now a published author of three fantastic books, The Simple Home (2016), Down to Earth (2012), and Penguin Special, The Simple Life (2014), Rhonda is a monthly columnist for both the Australian Women’s Weekly and Burke’s Backyard magazines. When Rhonda isn't blogging or writing, she is volunteering and is often found presenting simple-living workshops in her community.
If you want to learn some of what Rhonda has to share, pick up a copy of one of her amazing books or head over to her blog and read eleven years’ worth of knowledge and thoughts. Sharing her thoughts about the wonders of a close family, home life, gardening, knitting, recipes and thoughts about getting older, Rhonda's blog is a must have on your blog read list.

Down to Earth started in May of 2007 with a blog post about Brandywine tomatoes. I doubt Rhonda knew back then that eleven years later she would be the owner of an award winning blog, have a following of thousands and be a three times published and best-selling author. Down to Earth is a blog about living life, simply. Rhonda talks about everything from growing your own food, baking bread, making soap, preserving fruit, organisation, organic gardening, family, homemaking, sewing, budgeting, how to live for less, taking care of what you have and how to find satisfaction in your life.
Rhonda shares her thoughts, her recipes and her tips on how to live a more fulfilling, simpler, stress free life. If you're looking for a good read or wanting to learn all that Rhonda has to offer, head over to her blog. You won't regret it.
All three of Rhonda's books are available in the Green Living Australia's showroom and on our website and while your waiting you can always check out her blog to get started on your simple living adventures.

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