Milk Based Soaps

Date Posted: 14 June 2018

Goat’s milk soap is wonderful for people who have dry, sensitive skin or conditions like psoriasis or eczema. It contains alpha-hydroxy acids which remove dead skin cells, Vitamin A which helps repair damaged skin tissue and helps maintain healthy skin.

Thanks to the cream in goat’s milk, it will keep your skin soft and moisturized. So if you want healthy, soft and beautifully nourished skin, why don’t you try a goats milk based soap like the one below.

Soothing Goats Milk Soap Recipe
120g Caustic Soda
280g frozen goats milk
240g coconut oil
160g sustainable palm oil
400g olive oil
5 to 15ml Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
3 Tablespoons titanium Dioxide (optional)

Are you vegan or just not sure you want to try goats milk soap? If you still want a nourishing soap without using goat’s milk, you should try making coconut milk soap. Infused with all the goodness of pure coconut milk, your skin we fill amazing and refreshed without depleting your skins natural oils. But that’s not all. Coconut Milk Soap deeply cleanses without drying out your skin and contains high levels of Vitamins and Copper which help reduce wrinkles. Our scrubby milk soap recipe is a great choice for coconut milk soap lovers or first timers!

Coconut Milk Scrubby Soap
120g Caustic Soda
280g Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream
240g Coconut Oil
160g Sustainable Palm Oil
400g Olive Oil
5 to 15ml Lime Essential Oil
4 tbsp Sea Salt

Try either of these recipes or experiment with your own! Both of these recipes and many more are available in our Cold Process Soap Making booklet which is available in store or online for purchase.

For more information on our Soap Making Classes, Kits, or just soap making in general, call our help line Mon-Sat, 9:00am to 4:30pm on 07 3808 2576.

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