Having your own Cheese Cave

Author: Valerie Pearson  |  Date Posted: 24 August 2010

When you start getting into cheese making in a serious way, you will need somewhere to store your cheese to mature. Maturation is an important part of the cheese making process and must be done at about 10 to 13 degrees C. Coincidentally, this is the same temperature that is ideal for storing wine. For many years both wine and cheese where stored in natural caves or man made cellars that maintained a temperature of 10 to 13 degrees C, with no additional cooling. Today you will find many wine cellars that are temperature controlled and the same can be said for “cheese caves”.
As a home cheese maker, one easy solution to the need for a cheese cave of your own to mature your cheese is to purchase a wine fridge. Wine fridges are available often in stores such as K-Mart, Aldi and Target, just to mention just a few. In fact, right now Aldi stores have a wine fridge with a 40 bottle storage capacity for $179.00.
This fridge has a two year warranty and has a digital thermostat control for easy use. Check it out and you may find that this is a relatively inexpensive solution to your cheese storage needs. Happy cheese making!