Featured Product: Fermentation System

Author: Roger Kelleher  |  Date Posted: 3 May 2017

Check out this months featured product: Green Living Australia's Fermentation System for Fermenting vegetables at home!

This month we are featuring the Green Living Australia Fermentation System. This is a very inexpensive, convenient and foolproof way to make your own fermented vegetables. It doesn’t matter if your choice is kimchi, sauerkraut, olives or many more fermented food products. You can easily achieve a great, healthy, tasty ferment just like the pros. The 2.2 litre fermentation pail will make up to two kilos or two litres of your chosen foods and is simple to use. Most of us are aware that we need an abundant active gut biome or simply plenty of live cultures in our body. Scientists are now on board with what naturopaths and non-traditional health specialist have been saying for generations. That is that we need good gut bacteria for good health. Scientific studies in the last few years are showing just how much this is true with our gut bacteria being at the very least, largely responsible for everything from boosting and maintaining our immune system, cell regeneration, mental health, cholesterol levels, and much, much more.

Vegetable Basket

It is one thing to eat healthy food but often this is far removed from tasty food. With this system you can select the foods you enjoy and like to eat and using the fermentation pail turns these into a delight for your body. A lot of fermented vegetables are based on cabbage. These can be red, white Chinese, etc. your choice. Most people add things like carrots, beans, garlic, ginger, capsicum, and many more. Again your choice. Most of these veg are Prebiotics which are very important. Prebiotics are not only healthy foods but they play a big part in feeding the bacteria in the gut. If you don’t feed your gut bacteria with foods they can eat, THEY DIE. The old fashion way of making fermented vegetables was based on the fact that there were an abundance of bacteria already in our environment and on our plants. Due to our farming practices and our industrial world full of chemicals and pesticides, we have seriously limited our great healthy bacteria in our environment. These methods were also a bit time consuming and often hit and miss. This system is quick and foolproof. With the fermentation system you can choose whether to use the traditional "wild fermentation" techniques or "jump start" your fermentation by adding our Probiotic Culture for Fermented Vegetables. Green Living Australia's vegetable culture is available for under $20 and makes up to 100 kilos of fermented food. This culture is 100% pure freeze dried culture and lasts for years when stored correctly in the freezer.
Colourful Vegetables

Easy to use? Couldn’t be easier. Take your choice of vegetables. Chop them how you like. Place them in the fermentation pail. Place the grate provided on top of your vegetables to hold them down. Fill the pail with non-chlorinated water (chlorine kills bacteria) to just above the bottom of the grate. Add your fermented vegetable culture. Put on the lid with the one way air valve to seal your fermentation pail from contaminates in our environment. Place the fermentation pail out of the sun (often just on the kitchen bench) for 7 to 10 days and your work is done. You can taste your ferments generally after 6 or 7 days and when they taste the way you like them you simply take of the lid with the air lock off and replace it with the other storage lid. Place your ferments in the fridge and enjoy. These generally last for weeks or even months in the fridge but be aware that this will be loaded with live bacteria and will slowly continue to ferment and will become stronger and sharper in flavour. When I first started eating fermented vegetables I would only ferment for about 4 days as I did not like the stronger flavours of a lot of these. This can be a good way to introduce these foods to new palettes while still getting the probiotic bacteria we need and the prebiotics to feed them. Fermenting foods have another great benefit. The bacteria start the breakdown of the foods before you eat them and can still leave the foods with some texture unlike many of the older fermentation practices. This breakdown allows the gut to extract the vitamins, minerals and nutrients more easily from the food. Remember from when you eat something to when you poop it out is all the time your gut has to extract the nutrition you need. It makes sense to help it out. A customer visiting from South Korea came into our showroom at Underwood and was excited to see that we teach fermenting and make kimchi in our workshops. When she asked me what type of kimchi we made, I responded, "kimchi." She went on to tell me that her mother has  365 recipes for kimchi, one for each day of the year! In fact, in Korean, "kimchi" simply means "fermented vegetables." You learn something new every day. It doesn't matter what you are fermenting... I hope you will enjoy the experience as well as all the health benefits of making and eating your very own fermented foods.

Fermented Red Cabbage