DIY Highlighter

Date Posted: 5 June 2018

One of the biggest trends in the makeup world today is highlighting.

You cannot watch a makeup tutorial or go into a makeup store without seeing so many different kinds of highlighter displayed everywhere – pressed powder highlighters, lose pigment highlighters, stick highlighters, liquid highlighters, cream highlighters, JELLY highlighters – the list goes on and on. It’s one of the biggest makeup trends to come around since contouring your face became a thing. Everyone is doing it.

Highlighting your face attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height, making your face 'glow.' Used in addition to contouring it can give you the illusion of a different face shape. Highlighter can also be used to make your face look more useful when applied in the right places. You can even apply it when you're not wearing any other makeup to brighten your face and give your skin a more youthful glow.
So if you want to try highlighting but are like me and don't like putting synthetic makeups on your skin, then this is the post for you. With a few simple ingredients you can have a high pigment highlighter that will have all your friends envious and wanting to know your secret. What are these ingredients you ask?

1 tsp of Makeup Base (Recipe below)
1 ½ tsp Coloured Mica

That’s it. It really is that simple. The choice of Mica depends on what you want in a highlighter. I personally use the Champagne Mica. A white coloured Mica with a gold shimmer, this highlighter is bright and definitely stands out on my warmer toned skin – which is exactly what I want.
If you want a warmer toned highlighter, try going for a mica like the Royal Gold; a beautiful rich, vibrant gold or Chestnut Brown, a soft, pinkish brown toned mica.
For those of you wanting a cool toned highlighter you can try the Silver White Mica or a mixture of Peach Sunset and Royal Gold for a peachy gold toned mica. There are so many options when it comes to the colour highlighter you choose – make one or make a dozen. It’s so easy!

Below I have included the recipes of the three micas I made pictured in the swatches above.

Happy Highlighting!

Makeup Recipe Base
- 4 tsp Kaolin Clay
- 1 tsp Titanium Dioxide
- 1 tsp Zinc Oxide

Champagne Highlighter
1 tbsp Mineral Makeup Base
1 ½ tsp Champagne Mica

Peachy Gold Highlighter
1 tbsp Mineral Makeup Base
¾ tsp Peach Sunset Mica
½ tsp Royal Gold Mica

Black Gold Highlighter
1 tbsp Mineral Makeup Base
1 ½ tsp Black Gold Mica

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