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  Date Posted: 24 April 2018

  Date Posted: 3 May 2017

  Date Posted: 28 March 2017

We had heaps of delicious submissions to our home preserving recipe contest. Thank you all for your generous entries. We are proud to announce the winner of the contest, Madeleine Mionnet, for her outstanding Eggplant Chutney recipe! Congratulations, Made

  Date Posted: 22 March 2017

  Date Posted: 19 March 2017

  Date Posted: 15 March 2017

As summer ends, tomatoes are in abundance and my glut of this delicious food needs to be put to good use. What better way to save some of that summer sunshine than to bottle it in the form of tomato jam. You can serve this as you would a traditional jam,

  Date Posted: 5 January 2016

Ingredients:1 kg fresh raspberries, washed3 tablespoons of lemon juice400 grams sugar2 teaspoons Calcium Water (See Pomona's Pectin packet directions)2 teaspoons Pomona's PectinMethod: Place your raspberries into your preserving pan, along with the lemon

  Date Posted: 5 June 2014

These directions have been superseded by a new post for "Low Sugar Raspberry Jam Using Pomona's Pectin." On the weekend I visited Bratasha Farm farm on the Granite Belt and purchased a box of fresh raspberries that had been picked just the day before. Th

  Date Posted: 8 May 2014

For some time now I have been working on trying to make the perfect low sugar jam, in the hopes that I would get a good set, while maintaining the wonderful flavour of the fruit. My problem has been that whenever I reduced the sugar, I would have to cook

  Date Posted: 25 February 2013

We you know the story of the mango tree destruction in my back yard, if you have read the post on Mango chutney. But there is only so much mango chutney a girl can make in one week. Mango Jam was my next mission.

  Date Posted: 25 February 2013

With the recent storms hitting Queensland and NSW, we ate Green  Living Australia have been lucky to escape most of the destruction   Our location is far from any flood area and downed trees were our main concern. One such tree, a large iron bark, came

  Date Posted: 9 January 2012

Peaches are in abundance right now, so this is a great time to make peach jam. Local farmers markets have great prices on stone fruit at this time of year, but this won't last for long, so get in fast and take advantage of the current favourable buying co

  Date Posted: 30 August 2011

I was at the Rocklea Markets in Brisbane the other day and found some wonderful strawberries at the right price. When making my purchase I was chatting with the grower and told him I was making jam. He very kindly then gave me three kilos of strawberries

  Date Posted: 16 May 2011

Another pear recipe. Yes, I know. You are probably over pears by now, but the key to food self-sufficiency is to grow your own or buy what is in season, when the price is low, and preserve, preserve, preserve.This chutney goes great with cheese and cracke

  Date Posted: 16 May 2011

With a whole box of pears to work with, I was on a mission to find interesting ways to preserve them and spiced pears sounded wonderful. I could envision serving them with a variety of cheeses and the idea of a roast leg of lamb with spiced pears caught m

  Date Posted: 11 May 2011

When I came across a box of pears for $6.00 in Stanthorpe the other weekend, I knew I was going to make some jam and some chutney, and then I found some raspberries left over in the freezer at home and I came up with something a little different.

  Date Posted: 28 April 2011

I lucked onto some figs at the local farmer's market this weekend, that I just could not resist. The thought of homemade fig preserves, to go with my cheese, was just too great to overcome. Here is the recipe that I used.

  Date Posted: 8 April 2011

There is nothing that tastes as good as home made preserves. Unfortunately, there are still many people out there who are making their own jams and other preserves that are not using "world's best practice" when it comes to food safety. I am constantly

  Date Posted: 13 February 2011

Stone fruit season is one of my favourites. We love to eat them fresh, but always get extra to make jams when the prices are at their best. I picked some up at the markets for $2.00 a kilo the other day and used this recipe from the book Basic Basics Jams

  Date Posted: 7 December 2010

From my previous posts, you would now know that I have had an amazing crop of carrots this year, so I still have to come up with creative things to do with them, which of course is all part of the fun.The recipe below was adapted from a recipe from The Bi