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Date Posted: 3 July 2018

Come meet Valerie Pearson, author, presenter and resident expert at Green Living Australia. Ask her all your questions on cheese making, fermenting, preserving, soap making and chemical free living.

Date Posted: 1 July 2018

Ricotta, like many other cheeses, is a versatile cheese. It's a yummy cheese that can be used many ways; cooked in your lasagne, mixed into your pasta, added to cakes, in salads, on toast, the list goes on.

Date Posted: 30 June 2018

This cheese is the king of the BBQ at my home. With an unusual, almost rubbery texture, this dry cheese has the ability to be cooked without melting, making it an excellent choice to BBQ, grill, bake or fry. It is a very salty cheese, so if you are going

Date Posted: 29 June 2018

Although the texture of Feta may be quite soft, it is technically a hard curd cheese.

Date Posted: 28 June 2018

This fresh Mozzarella can be made in 30 minutes using a microwave or a little longer if using the hot bath method. I have included both ways of making this cheese to suit your preference.

Date Posted: 26 June 2018

Date Posted: 23 June 2018

If you have been following our social media posts this week you know that we have been talking about the author and blogger, Rhonda Hetzel. Well Rhonda was lovely enough to answer some questions for us regarding her simple-living journey.

Date Posted: 22 June 2018

'Being in charge of your own life, and making decisions based on what you want to do rather than what you have to do, gives you a rare kind of contentment and shows you that every ordinary day offers magnificent opportunities.'

Date Posted: 21 June 2018

I was pulled into simple living before I knew what it was. It crept up on my using the smallest of steps and didn't reveal its true beauty and real power until I was totally hooked.

Date Posted: 20 June 2018

Rhonda Hetzel feels passionately that living simply leads to a richer, more fulfilling existence.

Date Posted: 17 June 2018

Soap isn't the only way to clean and hydrate your skin. A popular trend that has emerged over the last few years is body scrubs. A body scrub or body polish is a great way to clean, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

Date Posted: 14 June 2018

Goat’s milk soap is wonderful for people who have dry, sensitive skin or conditions like psoriasis or eczema. It contains alpha-hydroxy acids which remove dead skin cells, Vitamin A which helps repair damaged skin tissue and helps maintain healthy skin.

Date Posted: 9 June 2018

Bronzer is a make-up staple and has been for a very long time. There might be many different kinds of bronzer and a dozen different formulas but the purpose of bronzer has stayed the same: to give you sun-kissed glow without the UV damage from the sun or

Date Posted: 7 June 2018

One of the most fun parts to applying make-up is applying eye shadow. Eye shadow, when used correctly, can draw subtle attention to the eyes, by highlighting them or can be the centre piece of your entire make-up look. With thousands of companies making a

Date Posted: 5 June 2018

One of the biggest trends in the makeup world today is highlighting.

  Date Posted: 24 April 2018

  Date Posted: 24 January 2018

If you are a fan of fermented foods you are definitely going to want to check out this amazing recipe for fermented beetroot.

  Date Posted: 23 January 2018

See how I turned an old, unused tinny boat into an amazing herb garden!

  Date Posted: 8 May 2017

Have you visited our showroom yet? Due to customer demand we have created a showroom in the front of one of our warehouses in Underwood, just south of Brisbane. Come by and see us and pick up a few supplies.