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Curing Salts

Prague Powders #1 and #2


Contrary to much information availble on forums and blogs that curing salt can be used over a time period of several years, we have been told by the manufacturers that both Cure #1 and Cure #2 have a best before date, that is important. The ingredient sodium nitrite is a reactive ingredient, and will degrade in time, thus reducing the effectiveness of the curing salt as a preservative.

Considering that curing salt acts to keep meat safe from botulism, amongst other pathogens, using old curing salt can be dangerous.

Cure #1

Pink Salt    -    Prague Powder #1

#1 Curing Salts (contains nitrites)

Contains salt, 7% sodium nitrite.

Cure #1


250 gm.


Temporarily Unavailable

The usage rate is 2.25 grams per kilogram of meat.

Cure #1 consists of salt and sodium nitrite only. The nitrite keeps the meat safe for a short period of time, and keeps the meat a nice red color as well as give it that "cured" taste. This is used in products that are made and then cooked and eaten quickly like fresh sausages.

Don't confuse cure #1 with cure #2 they are NOT interchangeable.

Salami Salt    -    Cure #2

Pink Salt    -    Prague Powder #2

#2 Curing Salts (contains nitrites & nitrates)

Contains salt, 7% sodium nitrite, & sodium nitrate.

Salami Salt


250 gm.


Australia Only.

If using the salami recipe here, you will use 50 grams of Salami Salt for a 10 Kg salami batch.

Cure #2, also called "Prague Powder #2", is a mixture of salt, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. Cure #2 is used on items that are dry cured over an extended period of time, like salumi or cured meats. The sodium nitrate in the cure breaks down over time to sodium nitrite and that is then broken down to nitric oxide, which acts as an oxidizing agent keeping the meat safe from our most evil of enemies, botulism. It's therefore CRITICAL to making safe cured meats.

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